Insurance policies for
high-net-worth individuals

Insurance should be a tool for wealth building. Too often people get policies that don’t support their long-term goals.

Welcome to premium financed life insurance.

This advanced strategy is a beneficial design for high-income and/or high-net-worth individuals. Develop high cash values opportunities in a life policy while minimizing your financial outlay. This method of funding provides an opportunity to turn insurance into a lifelong asset for wealth.

Here is the process

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Meet to discuss your situation

Qualifying for the design is the primary step. If the design strategy is appropriate, then we will develop a proposal for a more in-depth conversation.

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Design & Funding

Review the design strategy. If you wish to proceed, then the underwriting process will begin. Third-party funding is applied for as well.

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Deposit & Monitor

The annual deposit is provided by the third party. The goal is to maximize the cash value accumulation and minimize your capital outlay. This can increase the cash-on-cash return.

Ask to see my policy statement. I have this design for myself.

Just ask and we will show it to you. We believe in this process so much we use it too.