Quality makes planning simple

We'll share the same strategies we use for our own wealth.

When choosing someone to manage your wealth, you should know how they work and think.

Why? Because we too are high net worth. It’s likely that we are traveling on similar paths or that we have already been down the road that you are facing. The more you understand what we do, the more confident you’ll feel in our work. While financial advisors may sound the same, we have a unique perspective and process designed for people like you.  

The “Earnings Core Model”

The Earnings Core Model is as simple as it sounds. It is the core of our equity strategy.  We partner with a team of Chartered Financial Analysts who research and select investments based on the long-term track record of earnings growth. If earnings grow, then the stock price generally grows as well. A company’s earnings and its respective value go hand-in-hand. This strategy is just one that allows you to invest with confidence. It allows you to mitigate some risk while maintaining an objective for long-term growth.

We believe your net worth shouldn’t be tied to headlines.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of trends. The excitement of a trend brings Hope. Know this – Hope is for tomorrow, Faith is for today. Trends come and go and the companies within them may or may not make money.  However, if you buy quality, then we can have Faith today that earnings will prevail.  Those with wealth know the importance of owning quality and the advantage that a long-term mindset can provide.

We believe in what we do.

That’s why we use these same models and planning strategies for our own wealth.  In fact, ask your current financial advisor to see their tax return, investment portfolio or financial statement. Chances are it doesn’t reflect your needs and goals.